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Pooja Days

It took them five months, after working almost round the clock, to make idols of Goddess Durga accompanied by Saraswati and Laxmi, Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya, a Lion- mount of … Continue reading

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Pooja Days

Pooja Days are here again.

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This train runs on very less known section of about 31 kilometres of NER, from Barhaj Bazar to Bhatani and popularly known as Barhajia. In colonial time, the track was … Continue reading

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Masters in the Mall

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Beauty and grandeur of architecture fascinates in Abu Dhabi (not to forget Fast & Furious 7) as it does in Dubai. This applies to religious places as well. I saw … Continue reading

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Open Beach, Corniche

The day, I’d to leave Dubai, was free. Flight was due in evening. So the gang decided to take a brief tour of Abu Dhabi. We forgot that it was … Continue reading

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At the Top

Every visitor to Dubai would love to go to Burj Khalifa, so do I. Had spent few hours in Dubai Mall & Dubai Fountain before lodging in to the Burj. … Continue reading

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The Dawn

The Ganges, ghats, breeze, chanting, ting, bathing, boating and lot many other activities make morning in Varansai, a bit special. Canopies sitting on planks on the ghats are such unique … Continue reading

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The Gang

Birds are beautiful creatures but cranes are very special to me. Crane and sparrows were the characters of stories of my childhood. Sparrows, those days, were everywhere- in courtyard, on … Continue reading

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