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Lane of the Lake City


Udaipur or the city of lakes as it is popularly known,is one of my favorite places because it’s a small city with vast history, culture & tradition. It’s one of the largest tourist destinations in Rajasthan but a peaceful place as well. Presence of few friends at any place always gives the feel of warmth and it’s true in case of Udaipur also.
I’d first visited in 2002 to mount my photography exhibition in a gallery located at Bagore ki Haveli. Those ten days at Udaipur are not just memorable but enriching at experience level. As the city spreads across the hills, one finds lot of ‘Roof Top Restaurants’ to give a bird’s eye view of this beautiful place. While roaming in lanes, I’d found few notice boards informing the time of screening of James Bond series film ‘Octopusy’. The simple reason was that a major part of the film was shot at Udaipur. In my recent visit, I observed that attraction for Octopusy was replaced by free WiFi. Scribbles on the steps in this pictures are fine but Bollyfood is a real mystery unless somebody deciphers it for me.

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This entry was posted on December 15, 2016 by in Street Photography, Travel, Udaipur.
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