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Impersonators or Bahurupiya are destined to treat streets as their stage. They have been performing since ages, get appreciation but never treated like artists. Like other folk performers, they too … Continue reading

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Puppet & Puppeteers

Puran Bhat, an award winning puppeteer from Rajashan, is another master in my series under Vanishing Tribes project. This project aims to narrate the stories of folk artists who are … Continue reading

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Theatre is for protest

Ratan Thiyan, doyen of Indian theatre, spoke at length about importance of regional & folk theatre, the tradition of protest in various art forms, trend of fusion and effects of … Continue reading

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Erosion is the gradual destruction of something by natural forces (suchas water, wind, ice) : the process by which something is eroded or worn away, as dictionary defines it. Erosion … Continue reading

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Rumi Darwaza

Rumi means Roman(referring to Roman empire). It is believed that the gate is called Rumi Darwaza, simply because it was modeled after the gateways of then Constantinople or Modern Istanbul … Continue reading

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Lane of the Lake City

Udaipur or the city of lakes as it is popularly known,is one of my favorite places because it’s a small city with vast history, culture & tradition. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Rusted Beauty

Calendars change and so the time but always leaves its impact. Steam engine is my childhood love. Staying far away from my parents was one more reason to be in … Continue reading

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Out of Place

Film rolls still exist in the world of photography but the reels have gone. Projection rooms at theaters are digital now. They receive films via satellite and a digital projector … Continue reading

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Chhatt Pooja

Hundreds of pilgrims gathered on the banks of Rapti and Ramgarh Taal and around water bodies in every corner of city of Gorakhpur. They worshiped Sun in the west this … Continue reading

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This man standing still outside of a garment shop has a look I’d never seen before.

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